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New Brilliant Design - Awesome Sound!


February 24,2012

NEW BRILLIANT DESIGN - AWESOME SOUND!! Rockford Fosgate, the high end audio original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for several automakers, has released a new 5 channel amplifier with built-in Digital Sound Processor (DSP) that has been pre-programed for most new vehicles. Brax/Helix, the German component of Rockford has developed this technology with the audiophile in mind. Now you can keep your factory radio, factory look, and upgrade to an unbelievable level of full rich sound without pulling door panels and having to change speakers or rewire the whole car.

This rather compact multi-channel amplifier has a custom "T" harness that plugs into your factory head unit. The DSP creates such a full sound, it expands the mids and highs to a concert hall level. The amplifier boosts the notes for a much cleaner, distortion free sound experience. This little powerhouse also has a dedicated subwoofer fifth channel that T's off to add a compact prebuilt dual vented subwoofer enclosure for some clean bass on the botton end, deep and smooth but not boomy. The crossover network is preset for richer, fuller frequency response and quite honestly, you won't believe that we didn't change everything in your car. You will be that impressed!

Talk about having your cake and eating it too! Keep everything factory, the look, steering wheel controls, navagation, on star, door chime, back-up camera and all the other things you wouldn't want to change. We will program the DSP to your car manufacturers OEM sound system using the specifications for that particular radio, speakers, etc. for more, much more, very rich concert hall sound. The subwoofer is optional, but it really finishes the system. If you take the bass guitar and bass drum out of the band, their music would sound tinny. Same here, get the whole band in your car for one awesome, "I don't want to leave my car, music experience".

The introductory price offered by both of Custom Radio's locations will be about $699 installed for the DSP/Amplifier and about $799 installed with the subwoofer option. (Some vehicles may required additional labor, quoted at the point of sale.) This represents a savings of $300! Our warranty will be 3 years or 36,000 miles and it includes parts and labor at no extra charge. Of course, you will get Over 32 Years of Custom Radio's Professional Installation with a Lifetime Guarantee free as well. Stop in today to hear this amazing new product.