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Heated Window Washers

Once available only on luxury vehicles, we can now offer for any car!  Installation takes only 30 minutes in most vehicles.  In 45 seconds after the vehicle is started, you are ready to discharge heated windshield spray to melt icy windshields.  Every 20 seconds after the first spray, you can continue to melt freezing rain and ice from your wipers while you are driving.  No more sticking your arm out the window to flip the ice off your wipers!

Heated Window Washers


  • Alpha Therm AT-38OD
    $149.99 Alpha Therm AT-38OD
    Alpha Therm AT-39ODHeated Washer Fluid Unit Alpha Therm Heated Wash unit will change the way you clean your windshield! Clean your windshield like you clean your dishes; Hot always cleans better than Cold! The Alpha Therm...

  • THERMALBLADE Heated Wiper Blades
    THERMALBLADE Heated Wiper Blades
    The THERMALBLADE Heated Silicone Safety Wiper activates during winter weather to eliminate any icy build up and melt any falling snow or ice. The THERMALBLADE provides: Replaceable and removable silicone squeegee,Low...